Monday, July 16, 2012

Temporarily Taking in Pants

affix the snaps
I make a lot of Max's clothes, and what I don't make I tend to get as hand-me-downs or second hand. I particularly look out for jeans since they're so hard wearing, and I don't like making them. Most kids' jeans have elastic in the waist, which is awesome, but by the time they get to us the elastic is pretty worn out and we spend all day pulling up his pants. After some trial and error (and broken needles), I figured out a super easy way to take in those jeans.

Elastic + snaps = no sew & removable

These instructions are to take in pants a total of 2" or less. If you need to take in more adjust accordingly, though the more you take in the bulkier/more awkward looking it gets. Considering that the elastic will be on the interior of the waistband I used elastic made for underpants since it is nice and soft. This would work on adult pants as well - no reason for the kids to have all the well fitting pants!

If you're taking in jeans or other pants with belt loops, measure the distance between the side loop and the next one back.
Cut two pieces of elastic to that measurement minus an inch, or to 3" if you're taking in regular pants. I used pinking shears to prevent fraying. Affix a male snap to each end of the elastic. Now affix two female snaps on the interior waist of the pants under the side belt loop and the next one back. If you're using regular pants, affix them to the side 4" apart. Repeat on the other side.
If you put the snaps in under belt loops they will be almost completely hidden when worn.
hidden snap
For those of you (like myself) who tend to have that pant gap at the lower back, this is a good option. Just move the snaps back one belt loop.

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