Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Future Farmer

excuse the blurry cell pic
Max is currently obsessed with tractors and all of the awesome things that go with them, like farming. We visit the farm up the street pretty frequently (thank goodness they're good natured about it. Max likes the horsies and cows and tractors so much that when he was having a I'm-two-and-everything-sucks meltdown the other day the only thing that snapped him out of it was going for a walk to see the horsies and cows.

While we're there he usually just stares at the animals, silent and still (I love that). The cows love him and stare right back. The pregnant cows in particular are pretty obsessed with him. (In case you aren't familiar with cows, they're extremely nosey)

It's a pretty large production for the area, over 400 cows. This family has been farming for generations, and the most recent generation has really embraced the new technology available to small farmers. They recently erected a new barn that has clear walls made of heavy duty plastic that can be rolled up for ventilation and a layout that encourages cleanliness and efficiency. They have four automatic milkers, poop roombas (I'm sure they're called something more technical than that), and a giant roomba thing just for shoving the feed back towards their hungry mouths. My favorite thing - auto head scratchers. They're these giant bristle wheels that start spinning when a cow nudges it and they get all the head itching they could ever want. I also love that whenever we go there's always music playing on the speakers, whether the farmers are in the barn or not. Cows love music. :)

Look at that tidy, light filled barn! And all those happy cows!

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