Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Potty Seat

upstairs potty seat (image source)
I'm not about to show you a picture of our bathroom at the moment, sorry. BUT - we have a new addition to the bathroom, and Max couldn't be more excited. We've been working on this going potty business for quite a while now, but he likes using the big potty with no additions which has been cumbersome and means I have to help him quite a bit so he doesn't fall in. Not easy for anyone.

Then I remembered the awesome toilet seat that my friend got that has two seats, a little one and a normal one. Ah-ha!

Of course she got a cool, fancy, soft closing one that cost more than I was willing to pay (she also was potty training twins, so I absolutely don't blame her). Ours is much more modest, and when paired with a step stool that Max's great-grandparents gave him for Christmas it makes for almost completely independent potty time!

Max loves it, he moves his stool over, climbs up, wiggles back into position, and goes potty all by himself! He still can't reach the toilet paper from the toilet, which is probably a good thing since he would use a whole roll just to play with it. But it's fantastic that all I have to do now is strip him down and he can do the rest. Of course he could probably strip down by himself, but I don't want him to know that quite yet.

With the success of the upstairs potty seat, I ordered one for the elongated bowl downstairs as well.

Yay for potty time!

downstairs potty seat (image source)

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