Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Natural Solutions: Boiling Water Weed Killer

Did you know that boiling water will kill weeds? Well, now you do. It's not practical for large areas, but cleaning up around the driveway or the front walk works pretty well. And it's practically free.

Step 1: Boil water.
Step 2: Carefully take boiling water outside.
Step 3: Pour boiling water (well, very very hot water at this point) on the weeds, making sure to focus on the base/root of the plant.
Step 4: Wait a few days. The leaves eventually die back and the plant goes away. I'd show after pictures, but who wants to look at gravel?

You could be a bit more proactive than I was and cut back the plant first... but that would have required more effort. And I was genuinely curious how this would turn out on a large, stubborn weed.

one of the large, stubborn weeds in question
The weeds are gone, by the way.

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