Thursday, June 21, 2012

Frugal Luxuries: Iced Coffee (and my desk)

my coffee cup & my desk at work
So, who in the old US of A isn't having a heat wave right now? Anyone?

In anticipation of the second day in a row of holy hotness (and not the Johnny Depp kind), last night I brewed myself some coffee. For homemade iced coffee, obviously.

There are a couple of key differences in making iced (or just cold) coffee versus hot coffee.

Number 1: Make it stronger than usual, it's going to get watered down with ice and/or milk.
Number 2: However you prepare it (milk, cream, sweetener, etc), make it more so. Like double the amounts. Unless you normally drink sweet milk with a little coffee, in that case just make it the same with stronger coffee.
Number 3: Add ice. Or just chill it and drink it fast before it warms up.

I brewed 9-10 cups of strong coffee, added 5-6 cups milk and two Splenda packets and put it all in a 2-quart jar in the fridge overnight. Tastes more or less like those iced coffees you get out of the coolers.

Well, now that I've looked at a map, it looks like the Rockies are pretty chill. And CA isn't doing too bad, but it's still very early morning there. Yes, this is the weather map at 8:45am, and I'm in one of those darker orange areas.
image source
BTW, did you notice how when I took the picture I angled the camera so my cup wouldn't look so large? Yeah, it's a big cup, and I drink at least one of those every day of coffee. Small addiction...

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