Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Making Recycled Soap from Little Soaps

"Little soaps" sounds so much better than "leftover bits stuck to the edge of the soap dish," don't you think? Moving right along...

I had lots of little soaps floating around. Normally I shave them up and put them in the bucket for making homemade laundry detergent. But I thought I'd try something different, and I was out of bar soap for next to the bathroom sink.

So, here's how to make your own bar soap out of little soaps. I'm know others have done it before me, and I'm sure done it better. But, hey, I was bored. And I like to share my boredom projects with you. :)

Step 1: Put your little soaps in a pan. It would have helped the melting process if I'd grated the soap first, learn from my mistake.
Step 2: Turn on the stove.
Step 3: Add water. You'll want to add just enough water that the soap doesn't burn. Less is more and just add a tablespoon at a time. For this amount of soap (in a two-cup pan) I added 1/4 cup of water.
Step 4: Stir and let the soap melt. It'll get bubbly.
Step 5: Put the melted soap in your mold. I used a heat safe takeout soup container.
Step 6: Let it cool and harden up enough that it doesn't fall apart.
Step 7: Pop the soap out of the mold and put it on a cooling rack so it can dry for a few days and harden up.
Step 8: Enjoy your recycled soap!

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