Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sinus Warriors

Oh holy head cold, I make these offerings to you: a neti pot, airborne, and an iced tea. Well, the iced tea is really for my caffeine fix so I don't end up with a raging caffeine withdrawal headache on top of my sinus headache. (Normally I drink coffee - and a lot of it - but my coffee pot is at work, I'm at home keeping my misery away from my coworkers, and I had no desire to make an additional stop today just to get coffee.)

This is a new tactic for me (the remedies, not the staying home and whining about having no coffee). Generally I fight off head colds with, well, not much. Sudafed and some orange juice. All of those fantastic cold medicines out there that you all swear by? Yeah, they knock me flat on my ass. Benadryl in particular. I once took a half dose of non-drowsy children's benadryl and it knocked me out for 8 1/2 hours. I kid you not.

I've got my tea and my green super-smoothies too, but I need something more. So a massive dose of vitamin C (without the stomach ache of too much orange juice) and a sinus flush out it is. I'll keep you posted.


WolfSong said...

I hope you feel better soon! Those head colds are just plain nasty...and anytime you can't get coffee? Well, that's just pure hell, isn't it?!?

I have the same problem with medications knocking me out, so I lean towards steaming hot cups of ginger tea. I just grated up a bunch of ginger into a pot of water, boil, and add a bit of honey.

As it steeps, I sit with a towel draped over the cup and my head, inhaling the scent. Once it cools off enough to drink, then a swill it down-complaining the whole, because it's not coffee! I find it helps. :)

WolfSong said...

Oy, my spelling and grammar is bad!