Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Painted Table

Our dining table cost all of $10 at a garage sale. It came with four chairs... at least I assume it was four chairs. They came in broken pieces that I never bothered to put back together so I'm not entirely sure. A little too vintage, I guess.

The table is nothing special - round with a single leaf, solid wood legs and a press board top. But my then pregnant-and-nesting brain decided all it needed was a coat of paint, and by god we needed a place to sit and eat as a family, so the table would work. BTW - painting a table with an 8-month large belly is not easy, but it is doable.

Since then the table has gone through its share of dings and scrapes, but you know what fixes that? Paint. Yes, that is the beauty of a painted table - you can run as many toys across it, pot as many plants, and color as many pictures as you want, and it'll look good as new after a fresh coat of paint. Same goes for (two of) the chairs.

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