Monday, January 30, 2012

Kitchen Nook

I have a brand new wall in my kitchen that came about as part of the dining room re-do (more on that later), leaving me with 12" of space next to the stand up freezer. I started shoving a broom in there, just to get it out of the way, but after looking through my Pinterest some more and thinking on it, I decided to make my little kitchen nook into a broom/utility closet.

I was a blogging idiot and forgot to take a before picture. So, picture this: beat up 70's wood paneling on the back, nice and newly painted drywall to the right, a freezer to the left, and orangey plywood on the floor. Yick.

With the magic of paint, primer, peel and stick flooring (leftover from the rest of the kitchen floor), and a little bit of shoe molding, I now have a broom/utility closet!

I have plans for tension rods and hooks, but that's all in due time.

ugly orange plywood, meet new flooring tiles
painted, floored, and trimmed!

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