Monday, February 21, 2011

Quick Work Hack - Keeping Food Warm

Ok, don't tell the IT guys I'm saying this. But, you know an easy way to keep your food warm? Put it next to your PC tower. That thing gives off a lot of heat. Or at least the ones that really need updating (ahem) do.

I had whole wheat rolls and butter pats (saved from take-out) for breakfast the other morning. They were cold from the fridge, but after half an hour next to the PC they were nicely warmed up. I also use this method for keeping my toast warm (yes, it takes me so long to eat toast that I actually have to keep it warm).

It doesn't work that well for liquids, and certainly doesn't keep things hot. But for a quick fix, it works pretty well.

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Uncle Tractor said...

I used to do this with frozen meals. I would leave them on my tower, and by lunch they would be defrosted. Then I would only need 1 or 2 minutes at the community microwave at work instead of 5 minutes. Now that I have a laptop, I can't do this anymore...