Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Morning Nap

I'm home today with a sick little boy. Boo. I'm hoping it's just the cheese he ate yesterday (for the first time) and not a stomach bug. So while he's been taking his morning nap, I've been busy...

I started dinner: I put together a new Tex-Mex crock pot meal idea (inspired by the random things in my fridge and freezer), I'll share it later if it turns out ok.

I sorted through the linen closet: I organized our (many!) quilts into big bed versus little bed, same with the sheets, put a few sets of older sheets into the "project" pile, put two spare pillows into cute shams and put into Max's room to use as floor pillows, stowed away a few accent pillows that had been hiding in my closet, and rearranged the toilet paper and baby wipes that also live in the linen closet.

I sorted through hubby's dress clothes: I put all of the too-small items in the donate bin, as well as a black silk (and oh-so-80's) button down that really needed to go, and a navy blazer that he kept mistaking for a black one. I didn't double check him once and he got out of the house (to a formal event!) with black pants and that navy blazer.

I sorted through my closet: I had already gone through my current clothing, but I hadn't gotten to the miscellaneous stuff. So I sorted through extra winter accessories and brought some of them downstairs where they'll actually be used, pulled a few things from the donate pile that my mom might like, pulled some old t-shirts and tank tops from the donate pile that I'll cut up into fabric yarn instead, tidied the shelves, and put all of the linen closet type items into the linen closet (I know, what a weird idea).

I've done 2 loads of laundry: One of which was because of Max's upset belly last night/this morning. <sigh> I feel so bad for him. Thankfully he seems to be on the mend, no fever, his appetite is back (though we're keeping it light and pureed, no finger foods today), and he's been sleeping it off. Though the sleeping could be from the growth spurt he's been working on the last couple of days.

Poor bugger, it's tough having an upset belly. I'll go throw in another load of laundry, and check the crock pot. And if he's still out, maybe I'll sit down and read a little bit, or work on cutting up those old shirts.

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