Monday, February 14, 2011

It’s a Good Day, Woo!

Today’s been a good day. It was a not-so-great night (3 wakings, and screaming) so when Max decided to go back to sleep at 6am, I joined him. We slept in for an extra hour and a half, and since I’d showered last night and hauled it though the morning routine I was only 45 minutes late to work. Thankfully I have a flexible schedule most days. I generally work through my lunch hour and leave early so I can run errands before picking Max up from daycare. Today I’ll just work through my lunch hour and leave at the normal time. The extra sleep was wonderful, and totally worth any extra hassle this morning. Woo!

And… It’s 40 degrees out! I don’t like winter for more than two weeks (hence one of the reasons I lived in San Diego for four years), and with all of the extra snow this year I’m sooo ready for it to go away now. Our roof (along with everyone else’s) has been leaking from ice backing up into the gutters and seams, the back gutter will need replacing because the weight of the ice has broken it and… well, I’m just done with snow and ice. The 40 degrees today reminded me that it’s going to melt, and spring will come! Woo!

And… I got an email from my local library this morning saying that the book I had requested arrived and is ready for pickup today - right after I finished the previous book in the series which is in my purse ready for return. No lag time between books, and only one trip! (And… I’ve actually had time to read lately, can you say woo!)

And… I brought chili for lunch and I was thinking it’d be nice to have some bread to dip in it - and my coworker brought in the rolls that I had ordered from her son’s fundraiser. Tasty, and made by the kids which is just too neat (with help from their awesome cafeteria ladies). Woo!

And… well, I think that’s about it. I already celebrated Valentine’s Day yesterday with hubby and Max – we went out to breakfast at our favorite diner and Max had his first ever blueberry pancakes (no syrup). He went wild, double handed fistfuls, shoveling it in (versus his usual single handed eating), it was hysterical.  It reminded me of that Family Guy episode where Stewie has pancakes for the first time and becomes addicted…

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