Monday, February 7, 2011

A Mama’s Gotta Brag…

My son is awesome. He’s the light of my life, the best part of my day, and he cracks me up. He tests my limits, frustrates me, and through that makes me grow and strengthen as a person. His smile makes me absolutely melt, and his laugh is infectious.

The part of him that fascinates me the most is watching him think. He’s been very aware and interactive since he was only a month old, and I could watch him think about things for hours. Now that he’s moving and physically interacting with his world, I’m totally captivated and he constantly impresses me.

See what he did the other morning?

No? Do you see now?

Maybe now? Notice the yellow?

That’s right, in the few minutes it took me to put in my contact lenses, brush my hair, and throw on some clothes (five minutes or less) he separated out all of the yellow pieces and placed them next to the yellow side of the ball. My seven month old is a genius. Not that I’m partial or anything! haha

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