Monday, February 28, 2011

An Adventure-Filled Weekend

I think Max is going to be a mechanic. He loves hanging around in the garage for car tune-ups, he didn’t freak out when the impact gun started taking the bolts off the tires last month, and he’s fascinated watching the mechanics do their work. And he had his first tow truck ride Saturday and calmly fell asleep for the ½ hour ride.

What’s that? Max rode in a tow truck? Why, yes he did. Why is that?

Because apparently it’s bad when there’s coolant in the cylinders. We found this out the hard way when our car overheated and died three hours into a road trip this weekend, an hour away from our destination.

Thank goodness we have AAA, and wonderful parents who drove those three hours to come and get us and bring us back home.

So, the car is at a garage, miles and miles away from home, waiting for the guys to give it a look over and see what else may or may not be wrong before we decide the car’s fate. It’s a 1999 Subaru Legacy with 175,000+ miles on it. It may be entirely possible to revive it and have it run for another 100,000 miles, these cars are pretty indestructible. Or, it may be time for a new car.

Or, see if we can survive with just one car. Hubby works 1.25 miles away from home, and it’s entirely possible for him to walk to and from work every day. We’re going to use this week to see if we can manage it, and see if we might be able to do this for the long run. It would save us the cost of repair or payments on a new-to-us car (his car was paid off), and insurance, maintenance, etc.

I've heard of other people who have managed using one car in rural areas with both adults working out of the home. There may be some creative scheduling taking place, but we may be able to make this work.

I’ll keep you posted! (haha, posted. Get it? Because it's a blog? I think I need some more sleep...)

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~ Regan said...

I bet you could do it with just one car! We only have one, granted I'm a SAHM, but it's worked out just fine. You have to plan things a little bit more, but its nice to only have maintenance one one vehicle. I wished I lived in a town like yours, I'd love to be able to walk to the store or to work, or to the library (ok, you get it). I miss having sidewalks :/
Hope everything works out so everyone is happy. Now get some sleep!! Lol