Friday, February 18, 2011

Looking Forward to the Weekend

It's been an interesting week. It started out great, then on Wednesday Max got sick, and on Thursday I got sick. Thankfully just a 24 hour bug, and though we're both a bit wiped out we're feeling much better.

And, it's almost 50 degrees out! (I'm pretending that it's not going to drop back to 20 tomorrow)

I have a nice lineup for the weekend - tomorrow is either a local fundraiser breakfast and tag sale, or playgroup. I'm debating playgroup only because it's two hours and he's always so tired after, which is great when he's healthy and I want him to go down for a mid-day nap, but not so great when he's already tired and recovering from a cold. Then on Sunday afternoon there's an ice show at a local school, and who doesn't love watching kids do figure skating?

For next week in blogland - I'll put up the recipe for this week's experimental dish - Tex Mex Sticky Rice. Hubby loves it, and getting him to eat anything with beans in it is a major accomplishment. Excellent! I also will hopefully have a little tutorial for skin care, if I can get some non-cooking time in the kitchen. (Cheerios are my best friend right now in the kitchen - they keep Max happy for a good 15 minutes)

Have a lovely weekend everyone!

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LuLu Kellogg said...

Looking forward to the recipes!

Glad you are feeling better!