Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Easy Backsplash

The kitchen re-do is slowing down, but has not yet ground to a halt. To go with the new counter top (and the repainted edge, it's now gray) I put up a tile back splash the other day - no grout needed. I picked up a bunch of 2"x2" off-white tiles at a garage sale last summer for $15 and have been itching to get them up in the kitchen.

Step 1: Clean the tile. Mine were pretty dirty, they'd been sitting in various garages for years. (that's not all of them, BTW, just what I needed for this project)

Step 2: If they have those little tab things or webbing on the back, cut them off. Be careful, I take no responsibility if you slice your finger, only if I slice mine. Not that that would ever happen.

Step 3: Put a little dallop of construction adhesive on the back of the tile. Make sure it's approved for both tile and the type of wall you have, in my case wood.

Step 4: Start in a corner that you want to look good. My "bad" corner is behind the microwave, though I must say it turned out pretty well. Smush the tile against the wall, give it a little wiggle to smear the glue more evenly, and move along to the next. Make sure to keep tight to your edges and set the tiles close together.

Step 5: Cut the tiles as needed to fit. I cut the tiles by hand with a tile cutter I picked up at the hardware store. It wasn't easy, but it did the job and $5.00 is a lot better than renting a tile saw.

Step 6: Let it dry and admire!
ignore the outlet
Since the back splash is not in an area that will get wet or dirty I didn't bother with grout, caulk, or sealers. For the back splash behind the sink I'll use some paintable silicone caulk to make it water tight.

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