Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Prepping the Starting Zone

The Seed Starting Zone, that is. Along with getting my seeds together last weekend, I also prepped the part of the back room that I use for seed starting (which also houses my lovebirds and hubby's heavy bag). I put together the collapsible greenhouse, rearranged so there was more floor space for potato sacks, removed an unused cage (two of the lovies have decided to move in together), and moved all of my alternative pots (aka food containers) into one spot.

On Saturday I picked up some seed starting mix as well as a few clear storage bins. I found last year that starting my seeds in cups in the bins made a HUGE difference. The double greenhouse effect was great, and I was able to water from the bottom which I'm sure helped as well.

Now I need to bring in some seed trays and last year's yogurt pots out of the shed and then wait until April to start the rest of my seeds. Ugh. I hate the waiting.

a seed-starting arsenal: milk jugs & industrial size sour cream tubs

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