Monday, April 25, 2011


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Blah. Blerg. Blech. Blah.


So, while I'm home doing at-home-from-work things (which, for me, usually means laundry and couch time), I'm also thinking about what to do with the kitchen countertops.

Less than $5/sq foot would make me happy. I'm not impressed by tile (I dislike grout, both for installation and for cleaning) but I'm willing to consider it.

Right now I'm thinking zinc countertops. I just love the way they patina to that mottled, warm gray. Galvanized is fine provided there aren't any chromates in/on it. I have a local guy working on quotes for copper, stainless, and zinc. If I got it to DIY, it'd be around $2.50 sq/foot. Not bad at all, but time intensive.

Thoughts? Do any of you have metal countertops? Or do you have other suggestions? Here's the latest photo of my kitchen to give you ideas. Envision medium toned wood floors and a white, 2" high tile backsplash.

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