Friday, April 8, 2011

Tube Pans and Irrelevant, but Useful, Search Results

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You know that commercial where the people will start spouting off search results? (And after a quick search on YouTube – it’s the Bing commercials for search overload. There we go.)

Even though it can be frustrating to get a ton of irrelevant results for your one search, if I’m not in a hurry I often really like that part about the internet. Or rather, how when you search for something – like for “tube pan” – you can find out all sorts of interesting things due to different people interacting and having discussions.

So, as you can guess, I searched for “tube pan” after reading a recipe that calls for using one. I was pretty sure she meant a bundt style pan, but I wasn’t sure. So I did a search, saw a few photos confirming the type of pan I was thinking of, and in the process found this link at Chowhound: Bundt Pan vs. Tube Pan? The comments supported my theory – that a tube pan is essentially the same as a bundt pan, minus the fancy curves.

AND, as a bonus, in the discussion I found out a handy way to cut corn from the cob. Set your corn cob butt-end-down in the center part of the bundt/tube pan and then slice down the edges, allowing the kernels to fall into the pan. Waaay easier than my slice-your-fingers-as-you-hold-the cob-on-the-cutting-board method. I don’t plan on growing corn this summer, but I do plan on buying a bunch when it’s in season and local corn goes for 10 cents per cob (if I don’t just get it free from friends). This will make prepping it for the freezer so much easier!

I love learning random, unexpected tidbits of information. Especially when they can be useful.

Oh, and this is a tube pan. This is a bundt pan, aka fluted tube pan.

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