Monday, April 4, 2011

Playgroup, the Potty, and the Park

We had a really nice weekend. Saturday morning we hosted our monthly playgroup, and everyone was healthy, in town, and able to make it! It was quite the house-full – six mommies and eight kids – and it was so much fun. Max crawled around and kissed all of the little girls (the ones that he could catch), then he pulled himself up on me, grabbed my fingers, and away we went walking two laps of the room. He’s quite the little show-off.

(This might be a little bit TMI – but if you’re a parent you’ll understand) I started a new “routine” with Max this weekend as well – communal potty time. He’s a great one for learning by observation, so I thought it would be good to know about this pee-pee on the potty idea. He sits on the bathroom floor (mostly checking out the digital scale) hanging out while I go potty. Then after mommy is done he watches me flush the toilet and wash my hands, while I keep up a running monologue. Then we take off his diaper and he gets to sit on the potty. I give him a minute or two until he starts getting antsy, then we flush the toilet and wash our hands (this time he gets to wash his hands too). He’s enjoying it so far, and even though he’s only 9 ½ months old it’s good for him to get used to sitting on the potty even if nothing happens. Kristi over at Wee Little Changes wrote this morning on potty training her kids, and how she found starting earlier worked better. Maybe not quite this early, but it’s certainly not unheard of. The Chinese are well known for having their infants potty trained at a very early age, and my (American) father-in-law and his brother were both potty trained shortly after they started to walk.

Yesterday we broke out the backpack carrier and went to a local state park. It was a beautiful spring day (unlike today), in the 50s with a cool wind but a warm sun. Max fell asleep in less than ten minutes and had a pretty solid nap while hubby and I strolled around. I got some cute photos of Max, but of course they’re still on the camera. I’ll try to update the post tonight. We weren’t the only ones with the same idea, there were a half dozen cars parked at the entrance.

Oh – and this morning! I forgot to mention (so proudly) that Max is so close to saying banana. He loves bananas, and even though he gets breakfast at daycare he generally insists on a pre-breakfast snack of half of a banana. (yes, for most 9 ½ month olds a half of a banana would be breakfast, but not our baby Jethro.) This morning I put him in his highchair so I could put together my lunch and he pointed at the bananas on the counter and demanded, “bababa.” I asked him if he wanted a banana, and he answered, “yeah.” I love that kid.

His vocabulary currently includes (in order of appearance):
  • Yum (at 4 months)
  • Mama (at 6 months)
  • Cat (only for my parents’ cat)
  • Bah (his pacifier)
  • Yeah (his affirmative, he hasn’t learned no yet thank goodness!)
  • Hey (to get our attention)
  • Hi Dad (his first sentence, and the first time he said dad/dada, at 9 months)
  • Dada (yes, “Hi Dad” came before Dada by about 30 seconds)
  • Bababa (aka banana)
He babbles a lot too, but he uses his words with purpose immediately after learning them. I can’t think of a time that he used a word out of context, though occasionally he’ll include one in babble. It’s still a little weird to ask him a question and have him answer, “Yeah.” He’s a smart cookie!

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