Monday, April 11, 2011

A Week of Frugally Luxurious, Natural Solutions from the Neck Up!

This week I’ll be discussing ways to care for your face and hair with natural products – most of which you can make for yourself from things you have in the kitchen!

I’m covering:

  • Cleansing your face with oil (no, I’m not kidding)
  • Exfoliation with sugar
  • Going poo-less, shampoo-less that is
  • Hair color without the harsh chemicals

Have you thought much about what you use in your beauty routine? I hadn’t. I used whatever looked like it might work, and those things always had lots of chemicals that I had no idea how to pronounce and no idea what they did. Sound familiar?

When I was pregnant with Max I had an ah-ha moment. I didn’t want to use potentially unsafe chemicals while I was pregnant because they might be transferred through my skin to my unborn son – so if I disliked these chemicals so much why would I want to continue using them after he was born? Am I not worthy of the same chemical-free treatment as my son?

I started researching safer methods to keep myself clean and pretty. I’d already been going poo-less for over a year, why not continue the trend? I found
Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews at and had a major eye-opener. You can search for your favorite products and find out how they rate on a scale of 0 (safe) to 10 (toxic). I was really surprised at a few of my favorites, and I immediately threw out half of the stuff sitting on my bathroom shelf (most of which was collecting dust anyhow).

I’ve been using these methods for at least a year now, some of them much longer, with a lot of success. What changes could you make in your beauty routine? Not only are you being friendlier to yourself by cutting out harsh chemicals, you’re doing it inexpensively. Don’t pay tens (or hundreds) of dollars on facial care. Pay twenty dollars. A year. Oh yeah, baby.

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