Thursday, April 7, 2016

Pin the Nose on the Snowman & Snowball Toss

Two games for the price of one on this project - Pin the Nose on the Snowman & Snowball Toss!
Peek a boo!

I picked up two presentation boards (like these). I sketched out a rough snowman, and two circles for the snowball toss. I cut out the two circles from one board, and carefully traced it onto the second one and cut them out. Then I lined up the boards back to back and glued the center panels together for added stability (and the possibility of using the other side for a different design!). To make the holes a little smoother I lined them with masking tape.
with some paint

And, of course, I painted the snowman. Happy little guy, isn't he?

For the carrot noses I just used orange construction paper with a bit of rolled up tape on the back. For the snowballs, I used white felted dryer balls (which I make good use of in the dryer!).

The kids at the holiday party had a blast!

holes & glue


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