Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Eggshell Seed Starts

nice, clean shells, ready for dirt!
I'm a little bit late on starting my seeds - but better late than never!

While I was cracking eggs at the bakery this morning, I took a little extra care to crack just the very tops off (rather than down the center per the usual). I rinsed them thoroughly and let them dry in the sunshine. (we had sunshine!!!)

We get eggs by the box at work, so I trimmed the flats down to fit in a seed starter tray (you can trim regular paper egg cartons too).

After school, Max and his friend helped me label the outside of the eggs with sharpies, then we filled them up with moistened seed starter soil, and planted our seeds!

We planted Hungarian Heart tomatoes (labeled with a big T), little currant tomatoes (labeled with a little t), peas, cucumbers, yellow beans, green beans, and pumpkins.

I popped the lid on the tray, wrapped some rope lights in a towel, and set the tray on top. Now we wait!

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