Thursday, April 14, 2016

Max's Red Room - All the Red

Red Room, Red Room... (The Shining, anyone?)


Max has decided that he wants a red bedroom. Immediately I cringed since I'm all about the whites and blues and greens... But he's almost-six, and it's his bedroom, his choice. Red it is!

Most people would probably go with a bright red and go with a red/black/white car theme, or brick red Americana - but knowing his personality, I just knew he would wantit to be very jewel toned with rich colors, and above all cozy. Very bohemian. I found this inspiration picture for him - and now he wants all the things. The light, the headboard, the bedding... ALL THE THINGS.

I will try to humor him as much as possible - without breaking the bank!

First things first - picking the right red. It had to be a ruby color, rich with cool undertones, not too bright or warm. A soothing red. After getting a dozen paint chips from the tool store, I narrowed it down to Benjamin Moore's Drop Dead Gorgeous.

I know what you're thinking - that's pink! Not red! Bear with me here - his room has one window and very little natural light. When it's on the walls all the sudden it looks.... RED! Check it out! (excuse the fuzzy photo, my phone was not behaving)

Tip - spend some extra and get the top line Aura series that has the built in primer. I did his room in ONE COAT with NO PRIMER. That's virtually unheard of with red paint! If it was in a high-light room, I'd probably do a second coat, but that's still amazing. I was having mild anxiety after listening to all of these 10-coat red paint horror stories, so I listened to the paint tech and it totally paid off in time and money since I didn't have to buy more than one gallon. WIN!

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