Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Few Final DIY Additions

After purging and restocking my closet, I did a little extra something - I went through some clothes that I'd set aside and I hacked them! All of these are no-sew, and made things that I would have given or thrown away a whole new life in my wardrobe.
  • I'd been given a shirt that is one of those fake combo deals that looks like you're wearing a lightweight cardigan over a shirt, but it's really all one piece. Black cardigan? Good. With horizontal striped shirt? Not flattering. But, I liked the cardigan part of it, so I carefully cut along the seams and removed the striped "shirt" portion. Easy fix! Now I can wear the cardigan with shirts I actually like!
  • I also cut up a few of the workout T's to fit a little more flatteringly, a-la this tutorial.
  • AND, I turned a black T into a vest, like on here. I love this one, it was less than 5 minutes, just a few cuts, and a big impact!
  • I cut the bottom off of a teal shirt and made my own infinity scarf.

Last but not least, I reorganized my closet to incorporate my new wardrobe! With so much extra space I have room to hang up all of my shirts instead of folding half of them on the shelf. And the shelves actually have extra space! It's amazing. I can get dressed so much more easily when I can clearly see all of my choices instead of being overwhelmed by all of the clothes jumbled together.

So I folded, hung, arranged by color, and finger spaced the hangers.

Then Max made a fort. It was just so ridiculous I couldn't help but laugh!
things got a little crazy in the fort...

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