Monday, February 18, 2013

Wardrobe Redo

I was going through my "My Style" Pinterest board the other day, and had a duh moment. I really like a certain type of clothing. And a certain color group. Um, yeah. To the point of obsession. And I had no clue. (click on images for source)

I've talked before about having a mommy uniform, and I've talked to my coworkers about how it would be awesome if we could just wear the same thing every day (I'd wear a black long-sleeved T and jeans), but I guess it just hadn't clicked in my brain that I could actually do that for reals.

So I used my board for inspiration, and decided to purge my closet. Nothing would stay that:

1: Did not fit correctly.
2: Was any color other than blue, green, black, brown, or gray (I look awful in white, and whenever I wear purple people ask me if I'm tired).
3: I hadn't worn in a long time.
4: I didn't really want to keep (guilt items).

With those rules, and my inspiration photos to guide me, I purged. It was painful and freeing all at the same time. Though I weed out my closest frequently, I have never purged like this. I got rid of a large garbage bag of clothes - over half of my wardrobe. My mom and a few friends were stoked to get the rejects, all of the items were in great condition, they just didn't fall into my rules.

With the great purge done, it was on to phase 2: incorporating new items that also follow the rules!

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