Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Thrift Store Finds!

BTW - one of the best times to go thrifting is the end of January to beginning of February since people are cleaning out their closets to make room for all the cool stuff they got for Christmas.

After purging my closet of everything that did not fit into my ideal, I then went to Goodwill to find some key pieces to pull together my desired look - particularly cardigan style sweaters with chunky/draped collars, long sleeve shirts, and neutral flats. And did I ever find some! I got four new sweaters - two brown, one black, and one blue - and they're all so pretty, and with great texture! Then those shoes - totally unworn, and comfy. I got several shirts, mostly long sleeved ones to wear to work, as well as a few gym shirts (since I've recently started going to the gym again). Two giant bags came out to $65 - waaaay less than retail.

Overall, a total success. All of the items I purchased I've worn, and they bring new life to my old wardrobe.

"new" shirt and sweater (excuse the weird exposure & angle...)

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