Monday, January 7, 2013

I Was Productive

Hubby picks on me that when I take a vacation I don't do what "normal" people do - which seems to consist of wearing pj's/sweats all day and watching a lot of daytime TV. I countered that I do, in fact, stay in my pj's/sweats all day. I just seldom turn on the TV.

Instead, I:
  • Paint the living room
  • Wire a light fixture
  • Install a new shower head
  • Mend clothes
  • Do a bunch of clean-out-the-freezer cooking
  • Wash enormous amounts of laundry
  • Finish random projects that I've been putting off forever... I made a deal with myself that I wouldn't just shove the project to the side to clear room on the counter - I'd finish it!

All while chillin with Max, who is in the midst of potty training. He was so good, he didn't touch the paint once! I can't say the same for the cats, but you can't win them all. lol

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