Wednesday, January 16, 2013

For Love of Cauliflower

So, I'm back on the Atkins bandwagon after having a carb-o-liscious holiday season. I only gained 5 pounds which is commendable, and I'm sure it'll shed quickly.

In my efforts to eat Atkins friendly but still get that carby satisfaction, I'm experimenting with cauliflower. The key seems to be chopping it up finely, then cooking it in a pan with no oil to dry it out. Then you can use it to replace rice or shredded potato. I've found recipes for "pizza" bites, tater tots, "fried" (baked) cauliflower (using coconut flour), and a sweet bbq roasted cauliflower. NOM.

I really need to get some in the garden this year - and not kill it. Last year I planted it as a fall crop, but it was too hot to germinate. Perhaps as a spring crop I'll have better luck.

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