Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Frugal Luxuries: Banana Hook

We go through a lot of bananas. Well, more specifically, Max goes through a lot of bananas. I didn't like having them laying on the counter, and having a big fruit bowl out just for bananas seemed silly (apples are kept in the cupboard). I thought of getting a banana hook, something like this, but that would be yet one more thing on the counter top.

So, my simple, slap the forehead, that was easy, solution? Install a hardware hook under the cabinet. Obviously! And it costs a quarter of the the price of the one from the container store. Now when we tell Max that we're out of bananas, he can see for himself that we're telling the truth. And, since he's such a smarty-pants, he can count exactly how many bananas we have left. :)

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