Wednesday, January 30, 2013

DIY Tinted Sunscreen w/ Moisturizer

I admit: conventional sunscreen kinda freaks me out. All of those chemicals... so I stopped using it, and switched to zinc based natural sunscreen. And by switched, I mean I tried several, hated that they turn my already pale skin paler and chalky, and gave up wearing sunscreen.

The other day I was wishing that I could just make a tinted moisturizer/sunscreen like I used to in high school. Then I smacked myself in the forehead for being an idiot, grabbed some supplies out of the bathroom, and made myself some.

Sunscreen (preferrably a natural one that absorbs well)
Lotion (a fairly thin one that you like to use on your face)
Powdered or liquid foundation slightly darker than your skin tone (bonus points if you use a natural mineral foundation)

Put your sunscreen in a bowl and mix in lotion until it gets to the consistency that you want. Generally the natural sunscreen is pretty thick, hence why I suggested a thinner lotion. Then start adding foundation and mixing until when you rub the concoction on your face it disappears.

This may not work on all skin tones, I'm pretty pale so it worked well on me - I put it on half of my hand, and you can barely tell!

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