Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Final Harvest (mostly)

all from my garden!
It certainly wasn't the best gardening year, but 42 pounds of tomatoes is nothing to sniff at. Out of two gardens (one of which produced next to nothing), here's what I got:

42 lbs tomatoes
6 bunches of lettuce (approx. 2 salads worth per bunch)
3 GIANT zucchini and one small zuk
2 quarts strawberries
2.75 lbs currant tomatoes
7.5 oz basil
6 cukes
1 small bunch chard
7 ears of multi-colored popcorn
5ish lbs green/yellow/purple beans
2ish lbs potatoes
3 eggplants
a couple dozen or so sweet peppers
a couple dozen or so green tomatoes
3 carrots (so far, there's a bunch in the ground still)

Not bad - but next year will be better!

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