Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Dishwasher Drama

yay new dishwasher!
Our house came with a dishwasher. A mechanical one, that is - not a person. Said mechanical dishwasher was pretty old and not great quality. So when it started leaking we weren't surprised. Rather, I wasn't surprised. Hubby was indignant that such a thing would happen, and took it as a sign that the house is falling on our heads and that we should get out while we still can. (he gets a little dramatic sometimes with the, "woe to us, the world is ending, everything is turning to crap," stuff)

The cost to repair the dishwasher would be as much as buying a new, inexpensive dishwasher - so I got a new one! Woo!

Dad installed it for me because he's awesome and handy like that. I "helped" kinda like Max "helps," but I at least handed him real tools instead of toy ones (or dinosaurs). I also took pictures, as you likely noticed. I don't know if you can see it well, but the back of the dishwasher compartment has clapboard siding from way back when the kitchen was added to the house - cool, huh?

100+ year old siding and strapping!

This was a few months ago, but what makes me think of it now is that last week I noticed that the floor was getting a little damp around the dishwasher, though not like the flood that happened last time. I put on my Fix-It hat, pulled out the dishwasher and determined that the intake pipe was leaking at the joint and that it probably needed either a new gasket or a thicker/second one to seal the joint. Dad came over to fix it just in case that wasn't the problem and the dishwasher blew up (I fear dishwashers blowing up on my watch).

BUT - I'm awesome and that really was the problem. I was ready with the new gaskets (it took two), I handed him tools, did some of the heavy lifting, and my dishwasher is all fixed. The best part (besides having a non-leaky dishwasher) is the satisfaction of a correct diagnosis and knowing that if I had a better wrench I could have fixed it myself. I feel so empowered!

Next step: Fix something without dad helping...

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