Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Grape Vine Wreath

To continue the hand-made decor, Max made a wreath. He's very talented, no?

Ok, maybe I helped a little. And by helped a little, I mean made the wreath. But he picked out which vines to use.

I'm lucky (haha) to have a bunch of scrub brush bordering my lawn, which includes a plethora of wild grape and Virginia creeper vines. Max and I took a walk through the "woods" and collected vines that I wrapped as we went.

If you have access to vines, making a wreath is remarkably easy. Just wrap them into a circle, and feed the occasional vine through the middle and wrap it around the edge to secure it. Even easier is to just bend them in a circle then use twine or yarn to wrap around it and secure.

For a bit of color I added some dried sedum flowers, but didn't glue them down in case I change my mind later. I have a feeling that I'll be replacing them shortly with some pine boughs and a bow...

To glam up the wreath I spritzed it with a light coat of gold spray paint. Then to hang it I used a very expensive and complicated method - I went through the scrap fabric pile, found the cuff from when I hemmed hubby's jeans, cut the edges with pinking shears, and tied it over the door.

(almost) free door decor. What's in your yard that might be decor worthy?

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