Tuesday, December 18, 2012

A Little "Me" Time at the Gym

Some of you may be saying, "um, obviously, Jess," right about now, but I realized something last night: My child and husband are not at the gym.

I'm not a gym person. It's boring, and there isn't a product directly related to my adventure at the gym. I'm very driven by production - when I clean the house, I get a clean house; when I sew I get a shirt; when I "insert word here" I get "insert word here." And "when I go to the gym I get healthy" just does not give me the satisfaction needed to keep doing it.

Now let's be clear, I'm not against exercise. I do enjoy exercising, especially when there's a result. Have you ever spent an afternoon tossing 50lb bales of hay into the back of a truck? That's a heck of a workout, and I got a truck full of hay out of it.

But you know what does give me enough satisfaction to hop on that elliptical? Alone time. Blissful.

(BTW - This is my 400th post!)

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