Monday, December 10, 2012

Dinosaur Sheets!

Check out this sheet set that I made for Max! (supposedly for Christmas, but I couldn't wait) He loves dinosaurs, and there was a massive sale on flannel, so obviously he needed sheets.

I used the tutorials available at MADE (she's absolutely fantastic, BTW) for a fitted sheet and pillowcase, then just winged it for the flat sheet.

I have enough left over for anther fitted or flat sheet, which is handy for when these are in the wash!

He's completely enamored with the sheets, this morning he was pointing out all of the stegosauruses (if you couldn't tell, he likes the stegosaurus).

These also qualify for serger savings: 75 cents per yard x four yards is $3. A twin sheet set (since I couldn't find a crib set) runs $30, so that's a $27 savings!

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