Thursday, September 27, 2012

Good News!

I promise I haven't been ignoring you for naught - we've been pretty busy the last few weeks and I'd run out of prepped posts.

So - the good news in chronological order:
  1. We helped celebrate our friends' marriage in Massachusetts this last weekend, yay!
  2. While there we got to hang out with other friends who are expecting their second child, yay!
  3. We also got to see Max's Grandma, Grandpa, and Mimi! (he's still talking about them)
  4. On Monday we rested, yay for a day off! (and I downloaded over 300 photos off the camera...)
  5. Tuesday morning Max had a follow up with the allergist/asthma specialist - and he's doing SO. MUCH. BETTER. Lungs are clear, they sound up to capacity, and we've weaned him down to just one puff of one inhaler a day, a single dose of a chewable asthma medicine (for his cold/virus induced asthma), and a single dose of heartburn meds a day. That's a HUGE improvement - and the doctor is optimistic that if we keep on through the winter (aka cold season) then next spring we can start weaning him off all of the meds!
  6. Yesterday hubby got a great promotion at work - he starts Monday! I'm so proud of him and so happy for him, this is the first job that he really loves and it shows - he just started in this department in February.
Yay for good news!

I'll try to get back to the blog soon, I have a lot of photos to edit and posts to write. (like I said, over 300 downloaded...)

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WolfSong said...

Yay for good news, and congrats to Hubby for the promotion! It is wonderful to work at a job you love, and have people recognize you're good at it!

Now, for some friendly, unsolicited advice re:asthma very careful with the idea of weaning Max off of all meds. Being down to one puff a day is awesome, and I am assuming he's taking Singulair(or the generic equivalent) as well-which is good because it not only acts on the asthma, but helps with allergies too. What I have learned, parenting an asthmatic child for 8 years now, is that it is much better to stay on a consistent low dose of meds all year long, than to try to wean right off to nothing-unless of course, your Doc feels that Max is out growing the asthma, which can happen. I say that it's better to stay on a low dose, especially with a child who has a cold/virus trigger, because exposure to cold viruses happen year round, and, if he is weaned right off the meds, next time he gets a cold, it could throw him into full attack-which, as you know, is not pleasant, and means high doses of steroids to bring under control. Whereas a constant low dose keeps the asthma in control through the cold, and often the cold can run it's course with little more than a raise in puffer frequency for a short period of time. Way less hard on little bodies than the mega doses of steroids through prednisone.

Like I said, though, unsolicited advice, and asthma is such a chameleon. What works for one child can be the exact opposite of what works for another. Either way, I am glad to hear Max is feeling better! Happy kids mean much happier families! :)