Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Projects for Max's Room

Up until recently, Max's room suffered a case of the blah's was very neutral. Light yellow walls, white trim, white or light furniture - a blank palette. I've had the vision of what I wanted his room to look like since he was born, but it's taken a while to collect/make all of the pieces.

Like the fish lamp - love the lamp, hate the shade. I thought's I'd love the shade, but not so much. So I recovered it! (tutorial tomorrow) I got some great shelves, but they needed sprucing - enter spray paint! The curtain material is fantastic, but needed to coordinate with the pops of blue - why not some ribbon!

You have probably figured it out, but I'll be showing you the little details of his room and how I spruced it up (on the cheap) to take it from a blank palette to a vibrant room for a little boy.


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