Thursday, March 22, 2012

Update on Max and Life

Max is feeling much better. He won't be 100% for a couple of months, his lungs were really hit hard so he'll be on inhalers through the spring. Hopefully he can wean off them this summer. His immune system is struggling to get back up and running all the way - so he's caught two colds since we've gotten home. <sigh> Slowly but surely we'll get there.

We've had a heat wave the last week, so Max and mommy have been playing outside a lot. Max mostly at daycare with the massive amount of toys they have, and mommy with yard work and grilling. Hubby and I split mowing the lawn - I did the small areas and the edges and he did the back yard. Max was pissed because I wouldn't let him use limb clippers, but I gave him a "new" toy bulldozer (that came with the house) so that made up for it. The toy chainsaw from great-aunt L probably helped too!

Even kitty has been enjoying the great outdoors - with his harness and leash. Frankly kitty isn't smart enough to not get hit by a car, so he always travels outdoors with a harness.

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