Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Stop Brushing Your Hair - Update

I haven't cut my hair in quite some time. I added some long side swept bangs this last fall, and I cut it... last summer? But that wasn't exactly a cut so much as a shaping. Because, (drumroll please) I'm letting my hair grow out.

Yes. My hair has been touching my shoulders for quite some time now. I haven't had it this long since... once in college, and before that it was 10th grade. I haven't majorly cut my hair since right after Max was born, and he'll be two in June. I took off a little length when I shaped it, but that was to make it less A-line (which looks awesome short and upkept, but not so much long and grown out).

Today is the first day this since fall that I haven't either worn it in a ponytail or blown it straight. I wasn't sure if the waves would come back with the added length and weight, but I was pleasantly surprised - I've got some sexy waves happening. What do they call it? Beach hair? Something like that. I described it to hubby as, "Sexy bedhead waves type of thing." Because I'm specific. It's also really windy today, so it's got an extra messy element.

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