Friday, December 3, 2010

Finding Middle Ground

This feels good. I’ve been contemplating creating a blog for a while now, and with the New Year in sight I might as well start now.

As you can read in my “about me,” I’m a new mother to a beautiful baby boy – a beautifully active baby boy. Talk about keeping me on my toes, and he’s not even very mobile yet! I’d love to stay at home with him but that’s just not an option.

Since I’ve had my boy, I’ve learned even more about compromise. Mostly compromising with myself.

I cloth diaper – about half of the time

I cook homemade meals – half of the week, and eat leftovers or cereal the rest

I make my son’s food – about ¾ of it, and purchase the rest

I garden – but I don’t plant everything I want to

I (we) renovate our home – slowly so we can also have play time

At first I was so frustrated that I wasn’t able to do it all – and then I got over it. I make deals with myself. I tell myself, I want all of the laundry done today. Then I alter it to, I will try to do all of the laundry today, but if it doesn’t get finished until tomorrow, that’s ok. I still get frustrated, who doesn’t? I’m working on finding my middle ground between doing it all and not doing it at all, which is really all we can ask of ourselves.

Welcome to Mommy’s Middle Ground!

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