Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Non-Comfort Zone Curtains

Well, I finally got around to hanging curtains in the baby room - and I totally went outside my comfort zone and went bold. Like, bright yellow bold. Eeek!

I gathered some curtains that I had around the house, all white ones, and put them in a yellow dye. I cut up a flat sheet with this great leaf pattern that I'd been holding on to for the main curtains, and added the newly yellow valances on top. Originally, I was going to hang the long yellow curtain elsewhere, but as you can see below, the windows were lacking with just the valance. Well, maybe you can't tell in the photo. But they were lacking.

lacking something
So, I cut the large yellow curtain in half, and added it to the side. Viola! Instant drama, and balance (in an asymmetrical kind of way). Whatever, it works. And they were essentially free. Yay for stuff I had in my closet!

and, done!


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