Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Inspiration for the Pool Hole Landscape

Now that the weather is warming - I'm back to scheming (about the landscaping). I've discussed the pool hole before and how I want to change it - but here's a bit more.

I've lined up a few burly guys (for a donation to their rugby club) to do the manual labor of tearing out a fairly large raised bed and dumping that dirt into the pool hole to improve the slope a bit, reshape the edge of the hole for drainage, add a dry creek bed with rocks from the raised bed (again for drainage - water goes amongst the rocks instead of on the surface area), and fill in with more dirt as needed. It's a big project, but the result is better backyard access (with the raised bed gone), a play area for Max, and a beautiful area instead of an eyesore!

Once that's in, I'll be adding landscaping... think lots of daylilies along the upper slope, a few hostas along the edges, maybe some amaranth or quinoa for height here and there. And ornamental grass, beautiful and easy!

A little visual inspiration: (click image for source)

from our visit to the Montreal Botanical Gardens
from our visit to the Montreal Botanical Gardens

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