Tuesday, March 26, 2013


It's time. The room that has been haunting me since we moved into this house - the cluttered, dirty, smelly room, aka the 3rd bedroom/laundry room - is being renovated! This room has seriously been the bane of my existence ever since we moved in.

The previous homeowners lived in the house from 1936 until they passed away of old age. He passed in the late 80's, but when he retired he thought himself quite the craftsman and built an obscene amount of built-in cabinetry in the house. One of my main projects for renovation has just been removing those darn built-ins. They also loved wood paneling. Every. Single. Room. Except the bathrooms, one of which has wallpaper paneling, the other has tile paneling. <sigh> She outlived her husband by 15-20ish years, and was unable to go up and down down the stairs after a while - hence this room. They added a 3/4 bath into the room, with an unfortunate sliding door that can't close if you're sitting on the toilet, and a ventilation pipe that is just a horrible eyesore. Also, she had at least one dog that hung out with her in this room a lot. And apparently it had bladder issues.

So, first point of business: Remove the built-ins, the sliding door, and the ventilation tube (since if there's no door, it'll ventilate just fine).

This is an almost-before shot, there used to be a large closet all the way on the left that we removed months ago.

Another before:

And that same wall, after:

Bathroom wall before:

And after:

And, don't forget the demo pile!

I'll be sorting the leftovers into usable versus throw away. Unfortunately, rather than building cabinets and attaching them to the wall, he built them directly into the wall, so most of the cabinets turned into so much kindling. I was able to salvage one small cabinet, which will go over the washer and dryer.

Major props to hubby - he's never been much for tools, but he stepped up and did all of this (with some assistance/advise from yours truly, who has much more tool experience).

Next up: Tearing out the stinky/sticky floor and replacing it. Trust me, it's not worth refinishing.

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