Monday, October 22, 2012

Lost a Week

The flu sucks.

Well, it wasn't officially diagnosed as the flu - they have to stick a swab up your nose or something like that to officially determine that yes, you  have the flu and your life sucks. Instead, she told me it's a very, very bad virus, and my life sucks. <sigh> I even got to wear a mask at the doctors. That makes you feel special. The fever lasted Sunday night through Thursday, peaking (more than once) at 104.something while on fever reducing meds. Now it's a lingering cough and overwhelming feeling of crappiness. But, I am doing better.

Sustained high temperatures apparently will whiten your hair, btw. That's not just a myth. My vanity got the best of me Saturday night (you know, after I showered and realized that I looked like hell) and I spent 1/2 hour coloring it with a semi-permanent. Much better, but I'd better stock up on the henna.

Of course I'd just gotten back on to the blogging routine, thankfully I had a few pre-written posts that I could slap up there last week.

I'm glad I have a wonderful husband who picked up the slack while I was out of commission. And of course a wonderful son who decided that it was ok if mommy just cuddled and read books instead of playing dinosaur ball. (I wasn't afraid of getting Max sick, he's the one that gave it to me. He just had it for 24 hours tho, lucky little man.)

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Joanna said...

Oh no!!! I'm sads you were so sick, but i'm glad you are feeling better! Miss you! :)