Monday, October 29, 2012

Weaning from Sippy Cups

We've been trying to get Max away from sippy cups at home, mostly because I'm sick of washing them. So we've been working on other drinking methods - like water bottles with sport tops (see gratuitously cute photo at right), and cups with straws. My canning jar travel/sippy lid has been great while he learns to hold cups correctly. It isn't leak-proof, but it certainly minimizes what otherwise would be a major spill down to just a dribble.

So far so good really on the weaning front, he hasn't asked for a sippy cup once. I just have to be aware of the amount of straws we have on hand. I try to wash the plastic "disposable" ones and reuse them, but sometimes they're just a little beyond repair (read, he chews/crumples/smashes them). Metal straws are certainly handy and not (easily) smashable, I might have to get some more of those.

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