Wednesday, May 30, 2012

GrammaAmma's Garden

Here's a cute tidbit for you. Max calls my mother Amma (ah-ma). So when we went to visit his great grandmother for Mother's Day he was stumped what to call her. (BTW - he calls great-grandpa GrampaGrampa) He settled for GrammaAmma.

Back to the business at hand: Grandma's Garden, AKA GrammaAmma's Garden. As I've mentioned, my grandmother has a particular way she works her garden - and the name of the game is inexpensive or free - but not cheap. Check out the amazing branch sculpture in the foreground that she uses for her tomato cage. And her super simple raised bed. And in the midground you can see the expandable gate she has propped up for her runner beans. Back a little further and to the left is the garden proper, with old wooden planks in the pathways to keep your shoes clean and suppress weeds.

You can see my grandfather's part of the garden too - he's a bit more spendy in his gardening habits (at least in comparison to grandma). In the back center is the grape arbor that my grandfather built, complete with birdhouse that has a robin's nest in it every spring. He built the compost bin that's to the right of the arbor and behind the white chair (a little hard to see). To the left of the arbor are his irises - he's cut down his varieties to around 30, at one point he had over 100.

The massive amounts of perennials to the right were mostly pass along plants that she got by division.

I love their gardens. They're a constant inspiration.

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