Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Growing Potatoes in the Family Room

I thought I'd update you on my potatoes. I now have two bags going - yes, both are cat food bags. What can I say? Our cats are pigs, we go through a ton of cat food. (don't worry they're not overweight, just big, like 11 and 13 pounds big. their vet is impressed)

Here's what the potatoes look like as of a couple of weeks ago. Last week the vines got so tall that they flopped over and are getting more than a little unruly...

I've been adding soil as needed and am within a few inches of the top of the bag. Once the weather warms up and stays warmer I'll move them outside to the deck and top off the bags to an inch from the top.

Not bad for a bag or two of potting soil, two empty cat food bags, and some old potatoes!

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