Tuesday, April 24, 2012

DIY Shoelaces

I got tired of typing Frugal Luxuries... but there you go, I typed it anyhow.

I got Max a "new" pair of shoes at Goodwill recently. Toddler size 9. He has gigantic feet (he's two months shy of his second birthday). They were a little dirty though overall in great shape - however the laces were hopelessly tangled, knotted, and frayed. Definitely not salvageable.

I cut out the laces, threw the shoes through the washer, and then the shoes sat while I totally forgot about buying shoelaces diligently looked for reasonably prices shoe laces.

Then I had a duh moment - I have awesome yarn, a crochet hook, and mad skillz. I used worsted weight cotton yarn and a size 6ish? crochet hook to make a long single chain the length of a shoelace (probably 3 feet). I left a 4" tail, threaded it through a darning needle, and laced/threaded the shoes. Then I knotted the ends enough so they wouldn't come through the holes, cut the tails, and voila! Awesome shoe laces!

The second best part? They don't come untied easily. The cotton is not a slippery yarn, and the bumps in the laces helps to keep it tied when not so little feet are running. (I joke, but I want it very clear that I adore my son's feet)

The absolutely best part? The color. You can't buy laces that awesome. And they pop so fantastically against the black shoes. :) I may have to make some for myself...


WolfSong said...

OMGosh! How have I never thought of this?!? Wonderful, and cool, and yes, I would wear laces like this myself. I need to make some of these for my daughter, too. :)

Jessie said...

I know! I almost smacked myself on the forehead for not thinking of this years ago. I'm going to make some matching ones for my sneakers. :)