Thursday, June 23, 2016

Dinosaurs & Rainbows

Max had his sixth birthday party this weekend! Can you believe it? He's getting so big.

As is his usual, he requested a specific theme for his birthday party. This year was Dinosaurs & Rainbows. I can do that! He also invited his entire class... so I had to plan on approx 12 RSVPs and their parent(s). No problem... yeah. Slightly intimidating.

I did a few things to achieve this:

  • ordered a bag of 72 mini dinosaurs for favors
  • bought a freakin load of candy
  • filled the crockpot with hotdogs and bought five bags of various chips
  • had my friend Erin with Sweet E's make me some banging rainbow dinosaur cookies (which double as decorations when plated)
  • put out a bowl of multi colored mini marshmallows (huge hit!)
  • rainbow streamers
  • dinosaur themed table cover and rainbow themed plates
  • made dinosaur egg cake pops (like making regular cake pops but elongate one end of the ball so it's egg shaped before dipping)
  • made a dinosaur dig cake with a skeleton inside! I'm really proud of this one, it turned out great, and the kids thought it was fantastic!
  • as favors I made 21 dino egg pinatas. Paper mache + small balloons + spray paint + those mini dinos and all that candy + approx three hours of my life = EXTREMELY HAPPY GUESTS. Seriously, that was their favorite part of the party. I had them each choose one, then on three they smashed. It was glorious. The story behind why I would do something so ridiculous as make 21 egg pinatas? Well, Max REALLY wanted a pinata for his party, but it was eating at his sense of fairness that only one person would win. So his solution was that everyone has a pinata! Very fair, but I don't know if I'll do that again. It was easy, but very time consuming. In retrospect I didn't need 21, but the RSVPs were sketchy so I wasn't sure of the head count. In the end each guest got two (except Max) so it was doubly awesome for them.
I don't have pics of the pinatas, sorry. It was down to the wire getting those done, and by the time I remembered, they were smashed!
can you see the dino skull?
How about now? Can you see the skull?
The reveal! An Albertosaurus!

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